From Dismissed to Understood

Every woman deserves to feel heard. Every woman deserves to be seen. Together we are shaping a world with healthy women everywhere, capable of anything.


Our latest report, Invisible No More, released in partnership with the HEU and HSA, peels back the compounding layers of inequities impacting women healthcare workers – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the report and share its findings to help make a difference.


IN HER CIRCLE: the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on Indigenous Women’s Health.

We are honoured to partner with Reciprocal Consulting to amplify the voices of Indigenous women. Read about experiences of isolation, barriers to access, resilience, and community, in the third report in our Unmasking Gender Inequity series.


Improving the detection and prevention of breast cancer – to save the lives of the women we love.

Ensuring that women, infants, families, and healthcare staff  in our community continue to receive the support they deserve.

Ensuring the support of research that studies the unique needs of women in all life stages.


BC Women’s Health Foundation’s INVISIBLE TO INVINCIBLE – Impact Report: Spring 2022 edition highlights how your investments are making women’s health a priority.

From Ignored to Believed

For too long women have been unseen, unheard, misunderstood, and misdiagnosed. Healthcare inequity negatively impacts not just women, but families and whole communities. Watch our video. Everyone is invited to join us.

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