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Vital mentorship for up-and-coming researchers.
Investment needed: Two awards per year, $15,000 each

BC Women’s Health Foundation offers one Graduate Award and one Fellowship Award to outstanding students who are supervised by a WHRI member. These Awards supports research and salary costs, to allow the student to investigate a research question that can launch their career in the field of women’s or newborn’s health research.

There is tremendous demand for the kind of early career support this award offers. In the first year it was offered (2019), there were nearly 40 applicants. You can join us in achieving our goal of providing young researchers with a 10 to 1 chance of success by supporting Graduate Student Awards – and activate a new generation of women’s health researchers.

The Graduate Awards are our way to inspire the most gifted young researchers to continue on the track of investigating women’s health issues.


The only grants specifically for emerging women’s health researchers in BC.
Investment needed: Six grants per year, $27,500 each

Too often, early career researchers’ ideas and hypotheses remain uninvestigated due to lack of funding. Imagine how many breakthroughs in women’s health we’ve missed out on.

That’s why our Foundation partners with the WHRI to award six Catalyst Grants ($27,500 each) annually. Since 2016, research ‘investors’ have been helping to back new ideas and fund as-yet unproven innovations that will help us leapfrog over existing research biases to create real and sustained change for women’s health.

We know the value of investing in early career researchers has profound implications for healthcare. By supporting a catalyst grant you’re supporting the next generation of women’s health researchers in BC.


Women across BC do not have equal access to family planning.
Investment needed: $150,000 per year for three years

When it comes to family planning in BC and Canada, not every woman has equal access to care, due to a lack of providers. There is an urgent need to improve access to contraception, early pregnancy assessment, and pregnancy loss – to help women safely address complex or unplanned pregnancies.

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre and the UBC Faculty of Medicine have collaborated to develop the Family Planning Fellowship – the only program of its kind in Canada that trains gynaecologists to become experts in family planning.

But their fellowship program is currently in jeopardy. Your support for this transformational training program will raise the bar of expertise in women’s healthcare.

The research potential is immense. Your investment in this fellowship will benefit women across Canada who need to safely address complex or unplanned pregnancies.


Finding the answers to allow women to live their best lives
Investment needed: $275,000

It is estimated that one in ten women in Canada has endometriosis, many of whom report chronic pelvic pain starting in their teenage years – it can take up to 11 years to receive a diagnosis. The stigma attached to a woman’s experience of pain makes it so that even when women do seek help, they are often dismissed.

Your support will allow investigators to address the issues that prevent women with endometriosis from getting the care they need. One study will fill a significant gap in knowledge about the intimate partner experience of people with endometriosis-associated painful sex. Another study will pave the way for broader systemic change in how people with these conditions are treated through an economic analysis of the leading model of care at the BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis.

Your donation will improve access to supportive resources and help women with endometriosis live their best lives possible.


Ground-breaking discoveries in patient care.
Investment needed: $275,000

Medical genetics research has led to ground-breaking discoveries and transformations in patient care. However, the transition from research to clinical practice is only possible if there is protected time for both research and clinical practice – a challenge that the Provincial Medical Genetics Clinic housed at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre needs your support to address.

As a world leader in genetics research, the Medical Genetics Clinic is urgently seeking funding to recruit a clinician-scientist to join the team. This highly specialized clinician will help advance genome research to practice, educate medical genetics students in translational research, and provide state-of-the-art genetic healthcare to the women of BC.

Your donation can drive cutting-edge research and ensure that transformative patient care in medical genetics is possible for the entire province.