“Your actions must match your ambitions” – Lisa’s story

September 24, 2018 9:06pm
How BC Women’s mom Lisa founded a successful business and chose to give back

In 2004, Lisa’s experience as a first-time mother, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, became the spark for her own business. Today, the Stonz Wear  founder is using that business to support the place where it all began. 

“My experience giving birth at BC Women’s was phenomenal. The skill of the people there coupled with the genuine care I felt from them is why I want to give back.”

Before the birth of her son Lachlan, Lisa experienced multiple miscarriages. Because of this history, her pregnancy was assessed as high-risk and was referred to BC Women’s.

All these years later, Lisa still remembers the kindness the nurses and doctors showed her during her 32 hour labour. She describes feeling as if she was their only patient, night after night, hour after hour. “I was nervous anyway… it was my first child,” she says, “but the nurses sensed I was also nervous due to my previous unsuccessful pregnancies.” Baby Lachlan eventually came into the world with a head of red hair, and a whole lot of determination. 

Lachlan became the inspiration for her children’s outdoor apparel company, Stonz Wear. Lisa found it impossible to keep footwear on his active feet when he was in his hiking carrier. So she came up with her own solution: a warm, high-quality bootie that would stay on through all kinds of outdoor activities. From its humble beginnings in her basement, Lisa has since built the company with one central goal in mind—giving parents more time with their kids, outside.

As her business has grown, Lisa has often thought about how she could give back to the place where her family began. She started with our Baby Tile program, placing her two kids’ names on our hospital walls. But she didn’t stop there. She’s now donated a complimentary pair of Stonz booties for every new order of our Deluxe Baby Tiles. Her own special way to give back.

“The program honours both the newborn child and also the Hospital who made their coming into the world that much better. I love that I can return to the Hospital and find both of my children’s names on the wall.”

Lisa describes feeling that she has learned more from her kids than any other aspect of her life. Lachlan’s determination has led him (at just fifteen years old!) to move to France and pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Thirteen-year-old Mikayla is a force to be reckoned with, gifted with unmatched precision and focus. Lisa’s proudest moment was when her classmates gave her the class award for her kindness and caring at their Grade 7 graduation.

Knowing that childhood is fleeting, Lisa has always prioritized time with her children. She shies away from using the word “balance,” as she finds the pursuit of it to be so unique to each individual… but she’s always been conscious of the give and take between her personal and professional life. It’s meant hard work, and many sleepless nights, but always celebrating each win along the way. Today, she’s passionate about taking Stonz to the next level by expanding her team.

Her mantra: “Your actions must match your ambitions.” She jokes that her kids are tired of her telling them… but she truly carries it into every act, and every decision.

If you’re looking for a way to honour a special child, old or young, consider a Baby Tile.  You’ll be supporting the best possible healthcare for women like Lisa.