December 21, 2017 12:36pm
Long-time monthly donors put healthcare first

Rosemary and her husband Paul Thorsen have been making regular monthly donations to Women’s ever since their first baby was born at the hospital in 1993.

“It was my first time and it was just an amazing experience,” Rosemary recalls. “The nurses were lovely—very calm, caring, and professional. They kept offering me ice chips and juice and made sure I was comfortable. I’m sure they were really busy but they still remembered I was there.”

Rosemary’s daughter, Tamara, was born after 28 hours of labour.

“After she was born, they wheeled us into our own little room. I brought Tamara with me, which was great as I was able to keep her in the room with me to breastfeed her,” Rosemary says. “And they allowed my husband to be there. We had a sleeping bag and he slept right next to us. It was like being at home, but we still had all the care we needed.”

After coming home with their new baby, the Thorsens decided to show their appreciation for the hospital in the form of a donation.

“I made a one-time donation at first, then switched to a monthly basis,” Rosemary explains. “Making monthly contributions is a lot easier—you can acclimatize your lifestyle to it.”

Rosemary believes that all people should put part of their income back into the community.

“I believe you need to pay back the world,” she asserts. “And for me, healthcare for women and children is very close to my heart.”

Rosemary hopes that more people will join her in supporting Women’s in the future. 

“At the end of the day, you can have tons of money but if you don’t have your health, you don’t really have anything,” she says. “BC Women’s is part of the solution to helping women maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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