December 21, 2017 12:42pm
Milk Bank recipient shows gratitude by giving back

Bhaveena Goradia always felt strongly about breastfeeding. For her, it was a given that when she had her first baby, she would be a breastfeeding mom. 

But, when she ended up having an emergency caesarian and giving birth to her son six weeks early, her body wasn’t yet ready to produce milk—and her plans to nourish her baby with breast milk solely looked like they might be thwarted.

That’s when the staff at BC Women’s told Bhaveena about an option she hadn’t considered.

For the first week of his life, Bhaveena’s newborn son, Shiv, was fed a mixture of donated breast milk and Bhaveena’s own milk. Bhaveena pumped every three hours, morning and night, trying to get her own milk to come in. By the end of that week, she was producing enough milk to feed Shiv on her own.

Bhaveena knows first-hand the value of the Milk Bank to a mother who can’t breastfeed her own baby. “Breast milk has so many essential nutrients,” she says.

And for some babies who can’t tolerate formula, it can help make the difference between life and death.

When she returned home with her son, Bhaveena continued to pump and freeze her breast milk. She ended up with more than Shiv needed, so she decided to give something back to the hospital that had helped nourish her newborn.

“I ended up accumulating a lot of extra milk, so I decided to donate it back to the Milk Bank,” she explains. “It was about two to three grocery bags full!” 

Bhaveena was happy to show her gratitude to the Milk Bank by becoming a donor, too!

“Hopefully other mothers found my milk useful, too,” she says.

Please help the babies who rely on the milk bank by making a donation today.