Sean and Mari say Thank You!

May 12 2017 12:30pm
When Sean Muggah and Mari Shimada discovered they were expecting twins, they were overjoyed. But at 19 weeks, joy suddenly gave way to crisis when it was discovered that Mari’s cervix was dilated, putting her unborn babies’ lives at risk.

Doctors at BC Women’s Hospital performed an emergency cervical cerclage (sewing the cervix closed) to prevent premature labour, and then transferred Mari to the Antepartum Unit for nine weeks of strict bed rest (many weeks of which were spent literally upside down) to give her babies the best chance for survival.

Despite bed rest for mom, and other interventions, twin girls Isla and Elizabeth were born 11 weeks premature, ailing and in urgent need of specialized medical care. They were immediately transferred to BC Women’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit for the highest level of critical care, where they stayed for the next two-and-a-half months.  

“It was an extremely stressful time,” remembers Sean, “but we knew we in were in the right place for our babies.”

Looking back on their ordeal, Sean and Mari, now the proud parents of two healthy one-year-olds, are still awed by the care they received at BC Women’s every step of the way.

“The support, compassion and professionalism from the physicians to the residents to the nursing staff to the cleaning staff was incredible,” says Sean. “All of them, in their own way, contributed to Mari’s care.”

Deeply grateful for the care they received at BC Women’s, the Sean and Mari now pay forward their gratitude by supporting BC Women’s Hospital Foundation.

“We felt that we had received so much from BC Women’s that it was incumbent on us to give back generously,” says Sean. “The support we got was so profound, and the value to community was so evident, that it is something we feel great about supporting.”

Here they are today at almost two, on CTV! 

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