Overcoming Early Pregnancy Loss

February 9 2017 6:00am
Pregnancy loss can be a very traumatic experience – one that is usually not talked about. Even one miscarriage can be devastating, but there are some women who will miscarry multiple times and very often bear the heavy emotional burden silently. Miriam and Dario Giordani are a young Vancouver couple who have experienced the sorrow and pain that comes from multiple miscarriages – and they are now doing their absolute best to break the stigma around early pregnancy loss.

For Dario and Miriam, staying positive was difficult during these heartbreaking experiences – but they found much more support than they imagined possible at BC Women’s specialized Clinics for both Early Pregnancy Assessment and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Dario stated that “although it was difficult to find things to be thankful for, one thing I'll be forever grateful for is the women and men of the BC Women's Hospital. Without their knowledge, caring and support I don't know if we would be where we are today.”

Sometimes the darkest experiences can inspire and motivate a grateful heart. One year after their first miscarriage, the young couple asked themselves what they could do to give back to BC Women’s for the incredible care they received. And the Haunted Circus in support of BC Women’s Hospital was born. By collaborating with the creative hub at the Beaumont Studios this brave couple is giving Vancouver a great Halloween event, raising awareness about early pregnancy loss, and also giving back to the hospital that supported them through their darkest hours.

Miriam and Dario say that “what we personally are hoping to achieve with this, besides hopefully raising a lot of money for the hospital, is that pregnancy loss becomes a topic women and their partners are not afraid to talk about; because the unfortunate truth is that 1 in every 3 pregnancies results in a miscarriage…. If we open up this conversation in our circle of friends and families, each one of us most likely knows someone who went through this.”

Thanks to the vision and passion of people like Dario and Miriam, the silence around early pregnancy loss is being broken and the community of support is growing. BC Women’s Foundation sends our deepest gratitude to this brave couple for their sharing their journey with us!

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic provides medical care to women who are experiencing complications in early pregnancy. The Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic helps women and their partners who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss. These specialized clinics provide a full spectrum of medical care, as well as education and counselling services.

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