Our next Prime Minister?: Lachlan’s Story

February 8 2018 4:02pm
The nurses of BC Women's Hospital created a warm and comfortable setting for baby Lachlan's first days of life.

With a smile that will melt anyone’s heart, strangers frequently tell Natalie that her son Lachlan will be the next Prime Minister.

Baby Lachlan’s first home was BC Women’s Intermediate Nursery. His parents credit his warm and personable nature to those early moments interacting with the nurses.

“They provided a happy and comfortable environment for Lachlan to grow.” - Natalie

For Natalie and Duncan, BC Women’s Hospital is an important part of their family story. It is where their son Lachlan, now one year old, was born and cared for, and where the doctors, nurses, and staff helped prepare them for their life’s next journey—as parents.

For them, putting a BC Women’s Baby Tile on the Hospital wall is to become part of the legacy of care and service that BC Women’s has given over the years.

“Our hope is that when others walk by Lachlan’s tile along with the many others, they are able to take a moment to reflect on what the Hospital has done for so many families.” - Natalie


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Photo by: Vanessa Fukuyama Fortune Hill Photography