Megan's experience at BC Women's Urgent Care Centre

April 12 2018 2:45pm
Megan experienced a sharp pain in the middle of the night and was rushed to BC Women's Urgent Care Centre.

At 34 weeks, Megan experienced a placental abruption in the middle of the night and was rushed to BC Women’s Urgent Care Centre.

After an expedited ultrasound, Dr. Ellen Giesbrecht explained Megan’s options and the risks involved for both Megan and her daughter.

While Megan already had two children, she had never experienced a premature birth.

Megan and her partner Michael were in the process of moving. Megan described how expecting a third child while moving homes was already stressful; “We were in such a state of disarray. Our home was literally in boxes and the two kids at home were feeling all of these changes…”

She described how lucky she was to have help from family, but BC Women’s also played a key role in support. “From the moment we reached out for help we were met with care, compassion, support.”

Megan decided to proceed with a Caesarian delivery, and after which she was admitted to one of BC Women’s Mother-Baby rooms. And since Michael often needed to be home caring for their two kids, Megan relied on the support of the BC Women’s team in caring for Nora during those first few days.

She emphasized the importance in her journey of being able to stay with Nora. “Having all these services in one place allowed for continuity of care…. knowing that I didn’t have to go somewhere else, didn’t have to be apart from my young daughter, was ideal and so much appreciated. It really facilitated my getting to know and care for my new daughter.”

“Nora is now a thriving 5 month old baby. Thanks to all of the members of our healthcare team, from OB to Pediatrics, nurses and doctors, in hospital and out, who created a safe space to welcome our little girl and attend to her needs, ensuring that she grow and thrive.”