Meet Sior

May 12 2017 12:43pm
At birth he weighed barely one pound and was fighting for his life.

Born 4 months too early, Sior was desperately premature – his fragile lungs barely formed, and his thimble-sized heart struggling to beat.

Just 48 hours after his birth, Sior’s tiny body went into life-threatening distress. For 12 frightening minutes, BC Women’s Newborn ICU team fought to resuscitate him. The crisis would mark the beginning of an incredible journey. One that would put all of the Newborn ICU’s equipment and expertise to the test.

After nearly five months in hospital, 45 days on a ventilator, one heart operation, blood transfusions, x-rays,tubes, needle pokes, masks and tears, baby Sior went home with his family. Now almost three years old, he is happy, healthy and thriving.

"We never imagined we'd be in the NICU. The thing is, you don't know just how badly you'll need it until you're there.  It's everyone's hospital."

Leslie Thomas, Sior's mom (pictured above with Sior at 1 year)

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