Julie Kawa

May 12 2017 12:15pm
When I got pregnant for the first time, I never imagined that I would have to wait five years to celebrate Mother's Day with our baby.

This Mother's Day will be so special for our family. After six miscarriages, we finally welcomed baby Kate last November.

Kate is our precious, long-awaited miracle! But without the incredible team at BC Women's, we might have given up hope. 

Like most couples, my husband Keith and I started making plans as soon as our first pregnancy test was positive. We talked about prenatal classes, the colour of the nursery and the day we would bring the little one home.

After my first two miscarriages, we stopped thinking that way. Knowing we needed expert help and advice, my family doctor sent us to the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program at BC Women's Hospital.  

That's where I met Dr. Dena Bloomenthal and her amazing team. They helped us through a roller coaster of emotions, as I lost four more babies. With each new pregnancy, we would be so happy to see a tiny heart beat on the ultrasound scan, only to find out within a few weeks that our baby's heart had stopped.

Dr. Bloomenthal knew when to hold my hand and let me cry, but each time she was also able to inspire hope and assure us that there was another treatment that I could try.

Hope keeps you going.  Donations to BC Women's Foundation help the experts provide new hope to a family whose hope is running out. I needed every ounce of that hope and expertise before I finally held Kate in my arms.

Each pregnancy was like opening a door...but would it lead to joy, or heartbreak? Every time we tried a treatment that worked for others, it didn't work for me. But the team supported us every inch of the way…

They knew what we needed - ultrasound scans, tests, medications ... even hugs.

Thankfully, a rarely used treatment finally worked for us. We had a happy ending – Kate! We will never, ever take Kate for granted. Losing six babies was so very painful. 

Our family is eternally grateful for the care we received from Dr. Bloomenthal and the team at BC Women’s Hospital. After Kate was born, the nurses from the Recurrent Loss Program came up to visit Kate and me in pairs, or on their own. It touched me deeply that these dedicated healthcare professionals cared so much for Kate and me, even though their “work” with us was over.

Your donations help other families who also need this specialized care to receive the precious gift of a healthy baby. 

What better gift for Mother's Day? Please donate today.


Julie Kawa, grateful mom