December 21, 2017 11:55am
Being a BC Women's baby is a tradition going back three generations.

On July 14, 2012, baby Jaxon Bloomfield became the third generation of men in his family born at BC Women’s.

The family tradition started with Jaxon’s Grandfather Rick, who was born at Women’s when it was known as Grace Hospital. Rick's wife Anna gave birth to their four children at Grace: Jaxon’s dad, Ryan, and his three siblings Derrick, Brandon, and Kimberlee.  In addition to giving birth to four babies here, Jaxon’s grandma Anna works at BC Women’s as a manager. 

First time parents Ryan and Ariana Bloomfield had hoped for a traditional birth, but their plans changed after Ariana went into labour with Jaxon. “He wasn’t moving down fast enough and his heart beat started dipping,” explains Ryan, "Waiting longer could have been risky." After talking over the options with their doctor, the couple decided to have a c-section.

Like any new parents, Ryan and Ariana were both nervous while awaiting the arrival of their little boy. Ryan recalls how their nurse went the extra mile to help make the experience a positive one for the family: “Our nurse was awesome. She was done her shift, but she stayed and waited with us for our c-section. You’re really used to people who work in hospitals being a bit tired; the staff here is just so much different. Everyone is happy to be doing their job.”

The c-section went well for both mom and baby. Ryan and Ariana were ecstatic to welcome a healthy 7 lb, 3 oz baby boy into the world. “When he was born, it was a real kick of emotion for both of us,” Ryan remembers.

The men of the family gathered for a memorable photo showing all three generations of Bloomfield men born at BC Women’s.  Pictured from left to right: Derrick Bloomfield (Jaxon's uncle and Ryan's older brother), Rick Bloomfield (Jaxon's grandpa and Ryan's dad), Ryan Bloomfield (Jaxon's dad) and Brandon Bloomfield (Jaxon's uncle and Ryan's younger Brother).

After a few days, the new family was ready to head home. Like many new mothers, Ariana struggled with getting Jaxon to breastfeed in his first days. The family spent a few restless nights with a crying baby trying to figure it out on their own, but finally decided to come back to BC Women’s to see a lactation consultant. “We missed our appointment with the lactation consultant while we were in the hospital because of the c-section. There should have been a two week wait, but the lactation consultant understood our situation and fit us in for an hour. She actually let us stick around in her office for three hours and dropped in between her other appointments to check on us. I’m so happy we went – I only wish we’d been sooner. Now we’re all sleeping a lot better.”

After welcoming his beautiful new baby boy into the world, Ryan reflects, “Our experience at BC Women’s was amazing. We really feel like this is the best possible place in the world to give birth, and we’re glad Jaxon was born here.”