Good Things in Small Packages: Emmett’s Story

Gwennie shares her experience with pre-eclampsia and how the staff at BC Women's helped her safely deliver baby Emmett.

Days before the birth of her son, Gwennie learned she had pre-eclampsia. Thanks to your support, BC Women’s was able to support her in delivering her baby safely despite this complication.

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. It typically begins later in pregnancy for women whose blood pressure had previously been completely normal. In Gwennie’s case, she was diagnosed and, a mere three days later, Emmett was born at 36 weeks.

“Without BC Women’s, Emmett may not have been born safely.” - Gwennie

Emmett was small but healthy, at 4.1 lbs. He spent eight days in BC Women’s Intermediate Nursery before he could go home for the first time with parents Gwennie and Peter.

Gwennie describes how the exceptional care she received led her to choose a BC Women’s Baby Tile for a wall in the Hospital, to celebrate Emmett’s birth and thank the nurses and doctors.

“Although it was rough, I knew both my baby and I were in good hands. I want Emmett to remember how he was welcomed into this world.” - Gwennie


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