Celebrating Courage and Strength for International Women's Day

February 21, 2018 7:00pm
International Women's Day is a time for us to honour the courageous women who've received life-saving care at BC Women's... women like Shelby.

When Shelby found out she was expecting twins she was thrilled, but her joy soon turned to fear. Her identical twins were both in one amniotic sac, which can cause extremely dangerous complications. Shelby knew she would have to draw on every ounce of her inner strength to face this unforeseen challenge.

"As a mother, your first instinct is to protect your children. When it was discovered that I was carrying rare and risky mono/mono twins, I felt powerless that I wasn't able to keep our babies safe while in utero.”

In order to receive expert, critical care needed during her high-risk pregnancy, Shelby and her family made the difficult decision to move from Horsefly, B.C. to Vancouver. Nothing was more important than the health and safety of her twins. After five weeks of careful monitoring, complications arose putting the twins in danger, and Shelby’s specialists called for an emergency cesarean section. 

Shelby gave birth to Camden and Courtlen, both just 3 pounds 11 ounces, but healthy and strong. “Thanks to the incredible care we received at BC Women's, both of our boys were born healthy and safe,” says Shelby. “We are forever grateful for the amazing team and resources available at BC Women's Hospital."

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