Birth of a Tradition: A Family’s Story

February 15, 2018 2:25pm
For Kristie, BC Women's Hospital is both a workplace and where her three boys took their first breaths.

For Kristie, BC Women’s Hospital is more than just a workplace. It is the place where each of her children took their first breaths, and the place where their own journeys began.

Kristie knew long before her first child that she wanted to give birth at BC Women’s. She fell in love with the environment following an opportunity at the Hospital she had while in school. When the time came, the experience did not disappoint.

“With each consecutive pregnancy, the time that we have spent either via ultrasound appointments, prenatal classes, or deliveries has been outstanding…These individuals are phenomenal human beings.” – Kristie

The three boys fill their parents’ lives with love. Roman, six, loves being the eldest brother, and takes it on wholeheartedly. From choosing clothes for his brothers, to sharing what he learns in class… he is always showing them the ropes. Kristie describes four-year-old Kaine as the sweetest, with his love of sharing and cuddling. Kristie’s youngest, Constantine, is an easy going, gentle baby who has made the experience of having three children a joy for their family.

Kristie and her husband Gurp chose to celebrate the births of their children with BC Women’s Baby Tiles. Once Constantine’s tile was completed, the family made a special visit together to see where the tiles live on a Hospital wall. The boys loved seeing their names and looking at the tiles of other children. For the family, these tiles are something that their children will one day be able to share with their own families.

“My hope is that this special tradition will continue for generations to come.” - Kristie

For Kristie, now working at BC Women’s Hospital herself, it feels bigger than a regular job. If anything, she describes how her relationship with the Hospital as an employee has made her fall in love with it even more. BC Women’s Hospital will forever hold a place in this family’s hearts.

Photo credit: Charlotte Gamache Photography


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