Adrien's Early Arrival

May 12 2017 12:19pm
Thanks to you, Adrien received the specialized care he needed to grow and thrive even before he was born

Pregnancies don’t always go according to plan. Just ask Catherine Bertheau. One moment she was out walking her dog Paxton, and the next she and her partner, Paul Grunberg, were rushing to BC Women’s Hospital. At just 24 weeks, Catherine’s water suddenly broke putting the couple’s unborn son at imminent risk of premature delivery.

“Even though I had no contractions, they started steroid treatment right away to develop the baby’s lungs and help prevent infection,” says Catherine. “Although everything was so uncertain at the time, we knew we were in the best place possible, with the highest level of care available, so things would be okay.”

Catherine was transferred to BC Women’s Evergreen antepartum unit. Here, she read up on premature babies and BC Women’s NICU as she patiently waited for her unborn son to grow – but she didn’t wait long.

At 26 weeks, six days gestation, baby Adrien arrived early, “screaming at an incredible volume, even though he was so tiny and looked like a little red kitten,” says Catherine. He was immediately rushed to the Newborn ICU (NICU).

Over the next four months, Adrien’s parents and the entire NICU team focused their care and attention on supporting his healthy growth. Today, he’s a healthy, active little boy.

“We are forever thankful for the care we received at the NICU and hope our story can give families who are going through a similar experience an extra bit of courage.”

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By Ann Collette for Women's Magazine Fall 2014