Variety's Noble Donation Supports Women and Newborns at BC Women's

January 30, 2018 3:21pm
Variety generously donated $20,000 towards the purchase of Breast Pumps for many families who could not otherwise afford them.

Breast milk has been linked to amazing health benefits for all babies. Newborns who receive breast milk spend less time in the hospital and have less chance of being readmitted to the hospital in their first year of life. They are also less likely to develop health conditions like diabetes and asthma when they are older. For a variety of reasons, many babies have difficulty breast feeding on their own, especially after hospitalization. For moms who need to go back to work but want to continue to provide breastmilk, for partners who want to help feed, or for women with a low milk supply, a pump is an absolute must.

While essential, these pumps are expensive and many lower income families cannot afford them. Over the past year Variety’s ongoing support has given babies the nourishment they need to grow into healthy children. Thanks to this vital support, families no longer have to wait up to two weeks to receive a breast pump. Pumps are on hand to immediately provide families with the equipment they need.

You too can help provide better long-term health outcomes for women and newborns across BC. Please give today!