UPS's Cumulative Giving to the Milk Bank Reaches More Than $11,000

May 11 2017 3:12pm
The company is a longtime, generous supporter of the provincial program that provides donor milk to sick and premature babies who can't get enough milk from their own moms.

Thank you to the local branch of UPS for kindly donating $500 in support of the Provincial BC Women's Milk Bank. This is just the latest gift the company has contributed to the program for vulnerable babies in need of life-saving nutrition. UPS has been a donor since 2002, giving more than $11,000 to BC Women's Foundation to help the Milk Bank.  

Pictured from left to right: UPS representatives Daniela Brueckel and Heather Moralek, Penelope Hutchison of BC Women's Foundation, and Cindy Morrison and Holly Carson of UPS.

Please join our generous friends at UPS and make a donation to the BC Women's Milk Bank Program.