UPS - Saving babies with critical heart defects

May 11 2017 10:40am
Today we visited our friends at UPS to celebrate their gift to the patients and families at BC Women's Hospital. Their donation of $8470 will enable us to purchase two life saving Pulse Oximeters.

Babies with Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD) may seem perfectly healthy after birth. Parts of the fetal blood-pumping system continue to work, hiding the signs and symptoms of CCHD, but after a few days the abnormality in their tiny hearts will make itself known. CCHD can result in shock and acidosis, multiple surgeries, cause brain or organ damage or even be fatal.  

Pulse Oximeters can literally save the lives of babies who are screened.  Thank you UPS for funding this life saving technology!  The benefit of this program to the families of babies whose lives will be saved is truly immeasurable. 

From left to right:  BC Women's Nicole Macdonald, Neonatologist Dr. Keyan Hadad, and Jeff Sodowsky with UPS's Cindy Morrison and Parm Chohan, and BC Women's Aimee Nygaard.

Please join UPS and make a donation to help us purchase the remaining 6 machines needed for this invaluable program.