Thank You to the Hylcan Foundation for their Generous Gift of $10,000

January 30, 2018 2:27pm
Thank you to the Hylcan Foundation for their recent gift of $10,000 toward a LED Phototherapy Bili Light. This innovative technology will improve the quality of care for premature and sick newborns across BC and the Yukon.

Thanks to Hylcan, newborn care specialists will be able to quickly and effectively treat jaundice – a condition caused by bilirubin, a yellowish substance that forms as red blood cells break down. Normally removed by the liver, premature babies often have underdeveloped livers not mature enough to remove bilirubin on their own. If left untreated, jaundice can lead to hearing loss, vision problems, dental problems, brain damage and cerebral palsy.

You too can help the 80% of premature babies that experience jaundice, please donate today!