TB Vets – Preventing Respiratory Problems In Utero!

May 11 2017 10:30am
Thanks to a generous $25,000 donation from TB Vets, BC Women’s Diagnostic Ambulatory Program will be able to perform the highest level resolution ultrasound scans possible with new advanced high frequency ultrasound probes.

Lung and respiratory issues are the most common abnormality diagnosed in the prenatal period, making the accuracy of BC Women’s ultrasound equipment absolutely critical for saving the lives of unborn babies. The new state-of-the-art probes funded by TB Vets are ideal for detecting lung abnormalities before birth - helping radiologists detect fetal lung issues earlier and more accurately. The diagnostic accuracy and image clarity of these machines will ensure that unborn babies get the care they need to overcome their early respiratory challenges.

Each year, up to 16,000 ultrasound exams are performed by BC Women’s radiologists to facilitate accurate diagnosis, treatment and therapy for potentially life-threatening prenatal complications. Fully half of these pregnancies are high-risk due to fetal abnormalities or serious maternal conditions – this is the highest concentration of congenital abnormalities seen in a patient population in Canada. BC Women’s Diagnostic Ambulatory Program currently uses seven ultrasound machines to perform these 16,000 annual scans. The three new probes will significantly improve scans in almost half of our patients – especially the 8,000+ high-risk pregnancies.

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation staff were honoured to attend the TB Vets 2016 Grant Awards to celebrate the incredible work of TB Vets does in the community. For 90 years this incredible organization has been helping Canadians breathe easier by funding respiratory equipment and research.

Thanks to TB Vets support, BC Women’s radiologists will be equipped to use high-resolution ultrasound to its full potential, so that high-risk babies can reach theirs.