TB Vets generously donates $30,000 towards a neonatal ventilator - allowing NICU babies to breathe a little easier

October 24, 2018 1:43pm
BC's sickest babies will be able to breathe easier, thanks to TB Vets' generous gift of $30,000 towards specialized respiratory equipment.

For many premature and critically ill babies in the Neonatal ICU (NICU), respiratory support literally means the difference between life and death. BC Women’s can treat and care for babies born as early as 23 weeks GA. At this incredibly delicate stage of life, mechanical ventilation is a critical component of care – but can be hard on tiny lungs.

Thanks to a $30,000 gift from TB Vets, we are even closer to purchasing a new Maquet Servo-n Ventilator – which will provide vulnerable neonates with the respiratory support they need while protecting the lungs, brain and other developing organs.

The Servo-n is incredibly sensitive to the needs of tiny patients. This model uses electrical diaphragm monitoring which reflects the neonate’s neural respiratory drive, breath by breath. With it, care providers can ensure the level of assist that’s best at any given time, in any mode of ventilation.

Respiratory Therapy Clinical Practice Coordinator, Jesse Jagpal, cannot stress enough how advanced this equipment is:

“The software is the best we’ve seen. It really does help patients stay off invasive therapy and is just so much more comfortable than other models. The functionality of the flow sensor is phenomenal, as is its’ capability for reviewing patient data.”

he Servo-n will provide personalized support and protect premature and critically ill babies from risk factors associated with negative outcomes. This equipment will play a significant role in helping to create the ideal environment for fragile newborns to breathe, sleep and grow.

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation was delighted to celebrate TB Vets' generosity at the recent TB Vets Awards Ceremony.

We are so proud to call TB Vets a partner in care – for over seventy years TB Vets has been “arming front-line heroes” with critically needed respiratory equipment. Thank you TB Vets for helping the most medically vulnerable young patients in the province breathe easier.

“BC Women’s is the hub of neonatal care in this province. We have a hand in the care of virtually all premature and critically-ill babies born in B.C. To remain at the forefront of innovative care practices and research for the care of newborns, we must have advanced technology and equipment that can support these priorities.” - Julie De Salaberry, NICU Program Manager

You too can help provide better long-term health outcomes for newborns across BC. Please give today