Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life

May 11 2017 2:00pm
The generosity of our friends at Shoppers Drug Mart is changing the lives of women + newborns!

The Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life raised an incredible $52,925 for BC Women's Hospital in it's 2014 campaign.  

Shoppers Drug Mart has been raising funds in support of local women’s health for 13 years through this popular and uplifting fundraiser where customers and employees purchase beautiful leaves, birds and butterflies to decorate the store and celebrate health in our community.

This past year, 23 stores in Vancouver and the North Shore supported BC Women's as their Tree of Life cause with 100% of all proceeds going directly to BC Women’s Hospital.

Every year, we see the tree growing with more participating stores, and we have the pleasure of meeting these wonderful pharmacists who are so dedicated to the health of those in their community.

A big thank you to everyone at Shoppers Drug Mart for their commitment to supporting women's health, and thank you to their customers who chose to support BC Women’s Hospital through the Tree of Life Campaign



L to R front row sitting: Gennette Ret, Sahar Ziaei and Rashin Mandegarian.
L to R back row: Davrin Lee-Sun, Anoop Khurana, Zahir Jiwa, Li Hardy, David Pavan, Alykhan Naushad Prebtani, Dan Kooner, Robert Ho, Sukhvir Singh Seehra and Serena Lam.