Shoppers Drug Mart - a true supporter of Women's Health!

May 11 2017 10:43am
Over two days in early May we had the pleasure of seeing our wonderful supporters and friends from Shoppers Drug Mart at two amazing fundraising events - the SHOPPERS RUN FOR WOMEN and Block Party for Babies.

During the days leading to Mother's Day this year, our friends at Shopper Drug Mart hosted the SHOPPERS LOVE YOU, RUN FOR WOMEN! It was an amazing turnout!  Individual runners and teams gathered on this beautiful sunny Saturday for a tranquil run through Pacific Spirit Park in support of women's health initiatives at BC Women's Hospital. 

It was an incredible day, with amazing company, new friends and great food!  

You can see our photo album here!

From left to right: Robson Liu, Jennifer Kim, Janine Wolff, Coleen Christie, Zahir Jiwa, Robert Ho and Nathen Kuriyama. 

Not only did they organize and host the run, but just one day earlier, they gathered at CTV's Block Party for Babies to present their gift of $100,000 to BC Women's Hospital with Colleen Christie!  Through fundraisers like the Shoppers Run, and their incredibly successful Growing Women's Health fundraiser, they are truly helping the women and families of British Columbia.  

Thank you Shoppers Drug Mart for your long-standing support!