Sandra Schmirler Foundation Supports Newborn ICU Research with $10,000 Donation

May 11 2017 3:11pm
A kind gift for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation will help BC Women's newborn care specialists pursue research that will positively impact care for sick and premature babies.

Thanks to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, the families of sick babies from across British Columbia will have new hope for a healthier future.

A gift of $10,000 will help the researchers and care providers of the BC Women's Newborn ICU to seek the answers to health issues faced by babies born the smallest, earliest and sickest. The new knowledge made possible by the generosity of Sandra Schmirler Foundation will have the potential to improve care for the next generation of vulnerable babies. 

Please join the Sandra Schmirler Foundation and make a donation to the BC Women's Newborn ICU