Rexall Foundation Supports a Positive Youth Friends Retreat!

November 30, 2018 8:50am
Thanks to the Rexall Foundation, youth living with HIV were sponsored to attend a unique “Besties Retreat”, facilitating social connections + counteracting stigma.

Young people living with HIV have just had a wonderful experience at a weekend at camp with their ‘besties’ – thanks to a generous gift from the Rexall Foundation. The “Besties Retreat” gave youth from across the province a unique opportunity to share the realities of being HIV+ with their best friends at a peer-facilitated weekend retreat in Squamish.


I never imagined I would get to share these things about being HIV+ with my best friend.”

The retreat helped to expand the circle of care beyond providers and family, to the friends who mean the most to them. It was a very special weekend. The teens had a blast doing archery and hiking, and also learned from facilitated workshops with topics like “sexual health and healthy relationships” and “intervention strategies to combat stigma". The retreat helped to facilitate the kind of social connections that can counteract stigma at a fundamental level – leading to better relationships and better health.

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BC Women’s Hospital’s Oak Tree Clinic provides specialized patient-centered clinical care, research, and education for all women, children and youth living with HIV/AIDS in BC. BC Women’s takes a holistic approach to health, and the Oak Tree Clinic collaborates with community partners like YouthCO to deliver peer-led, community based support to better support individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

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