RBC Foundation and BC Women’s Hospital Provide Life Saving Care

December 21, 2017 4:19pm
RBC Foundation’s generous support contributed to purchasing a much needed state-of-the-art BrainZ Monitor for BC Women’s Neonatal ICU.

RBC Foundation’s support for BC Women’s Hospital spans over 20 years. Since then, they have been leaders in their commitment to improving women’s health and towards giving the sickest, smallest patients the best chance for optimal development. The latest instalment towards a $400,000 gift contributed to purchasing another much-needed piece of equipment—the BrainZ Monitor. This specially designed neonatal monitor will help to support better long-term health outcomes for newborns across BC.

RBC has helped BC Women’s to achieve our goal of equipping the state-of-the-art newly opened Neonatal ICU with enough monitors so that not one single premature infant needing brain monitoring goes without this vital technology.

Research shows that without the information provided by the BrainZ Monitor, doctors and nurses only identify 9% of seizures which occur in premature babies. With the right equipment and technology, these risks can be eliminated and families can feel reassured.

One patient, Michelle, thinks back to July 2013 when her daughter Savanna was born at Royal Columbian Hospital…

The delivery was difficult one. Savannah was immediately admitted to Royal Columbian’s NICU as she had meconium aspiration (a complication where the newborn inhales stool-stained amniotic fluid) and shoulder dystocia (a complication during labour when the shoulders cannot pass below) but she required further specialized care. BC Women’s Dr. Kevin Ansah came directly to Royal Columbian Hospital with the infant transport team, induced Savanna into a coma and brought her to BC Women’s NICU.

Once at BC Women’s, little Savanna needed the BrainZ Monitor to watch for any seizure activity. The next six weeks were very difficult as Savanna required multiple blood transfusions, suffered organ failure and a brain bleed due to oxygen deprivation during birth. Once she left the Hospital, Savanna required ongoing care from the infant development team due to her low muscle tone.

Although she had a challenging start to her life, the specialized care Savanna received at BC Women’s ensured that she would continue to grow up strong. Now Savanna is a happy and healthy four-year-old, and her difficult start in life has had no impact on her today.

Michelle shares, “Nobody thinks their baby will end up very sick but if you do have to go through this experience, you are at the very best place you could possibly be. Without this hospital, we would not have our daughter with us today”.

Thanks to RBC Foundation’s support, this family and many others don’t have to worry about what life would be like if this critical lifesaving technology was not available to them. BC Women’s Hospital Foundation and the Neonatal ICU staff are deeply grateful for their contribution to making a difference in the well-being of families across BC.