Nordstrom Cares donates $10,000 in support of newborns and women at BC Women’s Fir Square program

August 8, 2018 5:08pm
Thanks to this generous donation, a new blanket warmer will be purchased for the Hospital’s Fir Square program, ensuring that extremely vulnerable newborns will receive the comforting warmth they need for optimal development.

Many Fir Square newborns are extremely sensitive to outside stimuli, causing them to experience temperature instability and other symptoms. Given the vulnerability of these newborns to temperature fluctuation, it is imperative that they be kept as consistently warm as possible. This is where a hospital-grade blanket warmer becomes a life-saving component of post-natal care. If supported properly during their first weeks of life, Fir Square newborns have an elevated chance of overcoming their early challenges – which makes creating a comfortable and nurturing environment absolutely critical.

The babies love the warm blankets, especially when they are in their cots or the swing. It really assists with calming them, especially the ones who are withdrawing…they get held and cuddled as much as possible, but when they aren’t, the warm blankets help. It might seem like a very basic need, but having a new blanket warmer will really help us care for these babies.”

Jill Pascoe - Program Manager, Fir Square

The Fir Square program helps women and their newborns stabilize and withdraw from substances, keeping mothers and babies together whenever possible, from antepartum to postpartum.

We are extremely grateful to Nordstrom Cares for their support of the Fir Square program.