Making a Difference in the Lives of Disadvantaged Women

December 19 2017 11:01am
Thank you Face the World Foundation for your $12,500 gift to BC Women’s Emergency Support Fund. This gift will help BC Women’s social workers provide low-income prenatal patients with targeted financial support in their time of greatest need.

Having a mother in medical crisis can take a toll on the entire family. Taking time off work and losing wages; paying for childcare; long distance calls; nights in hotels; affording meals out for weeks on end all add up quickly, especially for economically disadvantaged families. As the provincial experts in maternity care, BC Women’s cares for the riskiest pregnancies from across BC, and the need among disadvantaged patients for emergency financial support is extensive and continues to increase. 

Many of our high-risk maternity patients from out of town simply cannot afford to stay in Vancouver to get the medical care they need - the hotel, transportation and meal costs involved are beyond their means. They can be overwhelmed by the financial and social pressures of city living on top of medical challenges. This can force women to return to their home communities, putting them, and their unborn babies, at elevated risk of adverse health outcomes.

Now, thanks to Face the World, BC Women’s will be able to offer emergency financial support during a  very difficult period to prenatal patients. This support will ease the burden of stress and anxiety women experience when financial challenges prevent them from getting the medical care they need. Just as importantly, it will also affirm the value of each and every woman, while giving each infant the best chance for a healthy start.

Please make a donation to the BC Women's Emergency Support Fund.