MAC AIDS Fund supports the only women-exclusive peer support group in BC, for women living with HIV

January 29, 2018 2:22pm
BC Women’s Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful to the MAC AIDS Fund for their donation of $30,000 towards the Peer Support Group Program led by BC Women’s Hospital’s Oak Tree Clinic. This program is a lifeline to a caring community and invaluable resources for women facing incredible life challenges.

BC Women’s Peer Support Groups evolved out of a clearly defined need to offer women living with HIV/AIDS their own safe space to connect and share knowledge. While there are a variety of support groups for individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Vancouver, there are no longer any other peer support groups that are offered solely for women. Having a woman-only space to discuss difficult and triggering topics is critically important for many women living with HIV, especially those who have had experiences of trauma and abuse.

Through MAC AIDS Fund support for the Peer Support Groups, BC Women’s is able to actively engage women who are most at risk of falling through the cracks in the health system. HIV+ women living in BC are fortunate to have access to free ART medication, and through the Peer Support Groups, we can ensure that all women get the support they need to stay on track with their medication. They are a space where women can obtain medical information as well as knowledge about helpful community resources from social housing to education to food supports.

The Peer Support Groups help to reinforce for women living with HIV/AIDS that their lives matter and their well-being is important. The friendships that develop within the safety of the group meetings are often the only relationships with other HIV+ individuals that many women have, and they provide an incredibly valuable source of support.

Thank you MAC AIDS Fund for your vital support of the only Peer Support Groups to exclusively serve women living with HIV/AIDS in BC!