Emanuela Rossi - devoted mother, loving grandmother + Newborn ICU Donor

May 11 2017 10:59am
When my daughter Danielle was 23, she had thyroid cancer. We didn’t know if she’d be able to have babies, so when she got pregnant, we were overjoyed.

Our grandson, Matteo, was born at 33 weeks. Although he was premature, he was quite a big baby, yet he struggled to breathe. It was a mystery. No one knew why Matteo had such a difficult time breathing on his own. BC Women’s Newborn ICU doctors put him on a SiPAP respiratory machine at night to help him breathe. After spending four months in the Newborn ICU he finally began to thrive. The care he received was amazing. While Matteo was at BC Women’s Newborn ICU I noticed they didn’t have enough reclining breastfeeding chairs. Everyone in our circle knew Matteo’s story, so I decided to ask for their help to raise money for a special chair. My family and friends are not wealthy, but within a week I had almost $4,000, which we gave to BC Women’s to buy a chair and some breastfeeding pillows. I’m just so grateful. You know, having children is awesome, but having grandchildren is amazing!

Written by Ann Collette.   Photography by Brian Howell

Please join Emanuela to help the babies and families who are in BC Women's Newborn ICU today.