CP Rail – helping newborns with life-saving technology

May 11 2017 10:39am
Today we’d like to thank our friends at CP Rail, for their gift of $13,500, which will help countless newborns—and their families—overcome the potentially devastating outcomes of having a Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD)

CCHD is an abnormality in a newborns’ heart that can cause organ damage, shock and acidosis, or even be fatal if left undetected. The problem is that babies with CCHD appear perfectly healthy after birth. Without proper screening these infants can suffer life-threatening consequences.

Pulse Oximeters are life-saving machines that easily and effectively screen babies with CCHD, and are a crucial part of BC Women’s CCHD Screening Program.

Thanks to CP Rail our team is now well equipped to screen babies born at BC Women’s for CCHD with this new technology.

Thank you CP Rail for your generous life-saving donation!