A new Maternal Transport Monitor thanks to the Hylcan Foundation!

May 11 2017 10:25am
BC Women’s goal is to provide the women in BC with the best care possible, and donors like the Hylcan Foundation who contribute to critically needed medical equipment help to make this goal a reality.

Pictured: Jeff Sodowsky, BC Women's Foundation Senior Director Major Gifts; Jennifer Willis, Hylcan Foundation Director; and Judy Martin, Hylcan Foundation Executive Director. 

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful to the Hylcan Foundation for their gift of $15,000 towards a maternal Transport Monitor.

Often mothers in medical distress require invasive lines for uninterrupted monitoring of vital signs like blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. It can be dangerous for these women to be removed from monitoring for even a short period of time, such as during the ride in an elevator or between hospital units and hospitals.


The Transport Monitor allows for a seamless ‘plug and go’ transfer as a critically ill mother is unplugged from her bedside monitor, without any cable changes or delays, and attached to the Transport Monitor. Many of the women in BC Women’s care are extremely vulnerable and cannot afford even the slightest delay in response from our doctors, should something go wrong. Now, critically ill women can rest assured that they will experience seamless transfers within BC Women’s Hospital, and between BC Women’s and other hospitals.


This is only the latest in a long series of generous gifts from the Hylcan Foundation – gifts that are always targeted at BC Women’s highest priority needs. BC Women’s Hospital leadership, staff and patients, and the BC Women’s Hospital Foundation extend our heartfelt thanks to the Hylcan Foundation for you commitment to supporting the health of women, newborns and families in BC!


Thank you to the Hylcan Foundation for making a significant impact in women's health!