A Gift of Remembrance

January 24, 2018 10:34am
How one donor found a unique way to give back to BC Women’s and help families experiencing loss

The loss of a child seems unimaginable until it happens. How can a parent possibly navigate the grief of losing a baby?

Grieving is a journey of many steps, and many different paths. For some parents, an important part of this process is finding a way to honour their baby’s memory and ensure it lives on.

For one BC Women’s donor, this is the inspiration behind his unique method of giving back. Matthew (alias name to respect anonymity) and his family feel fortunate to have three healthy children who were born at BC Women’s Hospital. Each of their children has their own tile among the many that cover the walls of the Hospital, and their stories are just a few of the many represented along the hallways. While his kids love visiting their tiles, the family is always moved by the tiles dedicated in memory of a lost little one. Seeing these tiles gave them an idea for a way to make a difference.

Each year, Matthew donates to BC Women’s Hospital Foundation so that some of these families who do not have the means can be gifted with a tile in memory of their baby. The tiles live on the Hospital’s walls.

“We find that donating tiles each year for less fortunate families who have suffered an unimaginable loss is a way for us to help the memory of that child live on, while also providing an avenue for us to continue to support the hospital.” - Matthew

In the four years since Matthew began giving back in this way, this generous gesture has grown beyond his annual gift. Two donors, inspired by this family’s generosity, have paid it forward with their own donations for tiles to be gifted to families dealing with loss.

The memory of these children lives on, in the minds of their family and friends – and now in each patient, nurse, or visitor who stops along BC Women’s hallways to look at their tiles. They are remembered, and they are loved.