About the expert researchers

February 20, 2019 5:28pm
Leading research positions, training and service in women’s reproductive and maternal health, BC Women’s as an international leader in creating new knowledge and advancement in practice-changing projects, putting an end cervical cancer.

Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Canada Research Chair, Global Control of HPV-related Diseases and Women’s Cancers; Assistant Director, Women's Health Research Institute, BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and a physician at BC Women’s. Dr. Ogilvie is leading a $6 million clinical trial – The HPV Focal Study - comparing HPV testing to pap screening, the only one of its kind in North America with results that will inform international health policy guidelines. Dr. Ogilvie is also the global lead for ASPIRE (Advances in Screening and Prevention in Reproductive Cancers), an international partnership examining innovative methods to prevent cancers for women in low and middle income setting.  Her work is supported by global partners, and is highly influential in establishing policies to bridge the cancer divide for women.  She has over 80 peer reviewed publications and stewards over $25 million dollars in research grants in the field of women’s health. 


Dr. Deborah Money, Executive Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, and former VP Research at BC Women's hospital, is one of only 5 clinical researchers in Canada with specialized training in Reproductive Infectious Disease. Dr. Money is internationally recognized for her ground-breaking work including the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, infectious diseases in pregnancy, and HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. She currently leads CIHR funded studies on the impact of the HPV vaccine on HIV+ girls. Dr. Money is a global leader in research on the prevention of preterm birth through the understanding of the vaginal microbiome; and the use of genomic technology to generate simple diagnostic and personalized therapy for women at risk. She is Past President of the International Infectious Diseases Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a leading creator of provincial and national guidelines for the treatment of HIV in pregnancy. Dr. Money has published over 130 peer reviewed journals and currently stewards over $10 million in research grants.