Mental Health + Substance Use

BC Women’s Fir Square Program provides compassionate, non-judgmental care for up to 150 women every year who are navigating the challenges of substance use and motherhood.

Inspiring Lifelong Changes for Healthier Families.

Fir Square Combined Care Unit is the first in Canada to care for women who use substances and their newborns exposed to substances in a single unit. Fir Square is a proven life-saving and life-enriching program.

The philosophy is centered on harm reduction and restoration.

As part of the Hospital renovations, Fir Square is expanding and being relocated. The communal areas will be larger, and patient care rooms will expand for a total of thirteen rooms.

With your support, you can help refurbish patient rooms, expand family lounges and patios areas to help keep families together, comfortable and focussed on the care of their newborn.

Join us in supporting the optimal health and wellbeing of the women of Fir Square.