Birthing Suite Expansion

February 20, 2019 4:35pm

BC Women’s is renovating and expanding, to add 10 more Birthing Suites.

Gone are the days when women labour in one room, move to a procedure room to deliver, then move again to another room after birth while their babies are in the nursery.

Birthing Suites have all the necessary equipment to do an assisted birth, provide pain relief, manage any complications for the mother, and, when necessary, do a full resuscitation for a newborn -- all in one room.

Benefits of Birthing Suites

  • For women – When women feel comfortable at their chosen place of birth, there are less complications, fewer medical interventions, their labours are shorter, and there's better bonding with baby.

  • For BC Women’s staff – Nurses can respond better to the whole family’s physical and emotional needs in a single room environment.

  • Economically – Reduced number of nurses required to be on shift and often a shortened length of stay for the mother and newborn.

While BC Women’s has offered private Birthing Suites for more than twenty years, they’re in high demand and often full. This expansion will extend the opportunity to stay in one room to even more families.

Join us in supporting the best possible birth experience by contributing to these ten new Birthing Suites.