BC Women’s Neonatal ICU at the Teck Acute Care Centre

February 20, 2019 4:41pm

BC Women’s Neonatal ICU features 70 private rooms designed for tiny patients and their families. 10 of these special rooms actually allow mothers to receive care alongside their newborns – the first in North America (and only second in the world) to completely redesign the model of care.

Celebrating the Success of the Hope Starts Here Campaign

In October 2017, BC Women’s opened the doors to the newly outfitted Neonatal ICU at the Teck Acute Care Centre.

This moment marked the successful completion of the Hope Starts Here campaign, thanks to over 4,000 donors who contributed $17 million towards the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for the smallest patients at BC Women’s Hospital.

We took past NICU families on a tour of the facility before it opened, and their reaction says it all:

The need is never-ending.

While the Hope Starts Here campaign to fully equip the new Neonatal ICU wrapped up in 2017, advancements in neonatal technologies are rapidly changing.

This increased capacity at the NICU means each week BC Women’s will admit an average of 10 at-risk newborns from other hospitals, providing specialized care that can only be found here.

Help BC Women’s not only meet rapidly changing medical advancements but stay at the forefront to offer BC’s mothers, daughters and sisters the very best care possible.