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Deluxe NICU Tile: $1,000 or more

February 7, 2017 2:27am
A beautiful 4” x 12” hand-crafted ceramic tile in the modern design will be mounted near the Neonatal ICU in BC Women's Hospital. Includes complimentary Stonz booties and photo session at Bopomo Pictures.*

Your 4" x 12" Deluxe NICU Baby Tile in the modern design can accommodate one baby name, date of birth and weight and a special message (up to 20 words, depending on length of words)


Place siblings, twins and triplets together on your deluxe 4"x12" tile, with the babies’ names, birth weights and dates of birth.  No additional information can be added.

You'll also receive:

  • A duplicate tile to take home
  • A magnetic photo frame + commemorative certificate for each child
  • Bonus: a complimentary photo session at Bopomo Pictures and a $150 gift card for prints*
  • Bonus: a complimentary pair of Stonz Wear booties*
    *while supplies last

Please note that tile prices will increase after May 29, 2019.

Order your Deluxe Tile by clicking here. 

Would your family and friends like to contribute to your Baby Tile? Creating your own fundraising page on our website makes it easy.