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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Baby Tiles

February 9, 2017 8:44am

Will I receive a tax receipt for my Baby Tile donation?

Yes, we will send you a confirmation letter along with your tax receipt after you make your donation towards a tile. 


What size are the Baby Tiles?

Baby Tiles are available in two sizes: 4x6 inches and 4x12 inches. The size of the tile reflects the donation level. Please see the  Hospital Baby Tile page and NICU Baby Tile page for donation levels that correspond with tile sizes.


Can I add a special message to my Baby Tile?

Yes, your donation towards a Deluxe Tile allows you to add a special message up to 20 words long (depending on the length of the words). Please see the Hospital Baby Tile page and NICU Baby Tile page for donation levels that correspond with Deluxe tiles.


How long will it take for my tile to be created and mounted on the tile wall?

Each customized ceramic Baby Tile is handmade by a local artisan. It takes approximately 5 months for a Baby Tile to be crafted and mounted on the tile wall. We will let you know when the tile is ready.


How do I find the location of my Baby Tile in the hospital?

When your tile is ready, we will send you the location of your tile and directions to its location, so you will know exactly where to find your new Baby Tile.


Can I reserve a special place for my Baby Tile?

Reserving a specific space for a baby tile depends on availability, and requires an additional donation of $25. IF the request is for two or more tiles to be placed together, and they are ordered within the same time frame, then only one special placement donation is needed for the group. Please contact us  to discuss your request.


Can you write my baby’s name in a language other than English?

Yes, for an additional $25 donation we will write your baby’s name in a second language. Many Baby Tiles feature names written in Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, and other languages from around the world. When making your donation towards your tile,  please complete and return this form. Write the name largely and clearly. This will help our artisan write your baby’s name correctly. Please contact us to discuss your request.


Do you make tiles for babies cared for in the Newborn ICU?

Yes, we have a special tile program for NICU babies. These tiles are displayed near our Newborn ICU. Please see our NICU Baby Tile page for details.


Do you make tiles in loving memory of a baby who has passed away?

Yes, a memorial tile is a meaningful way to honor a baby and help support care for newborns at BC Women's. Please indicate that your Baby Tile is "in loving memory" when you make your donation towards a Baby Tile.  “In loving memory of (Baby’s Name)” will appear on your tile.


Can I honour multiple babies (siblings, twins, or triplets) together on a single tile?

Yes, siblings, twins, or triplets can be put together on a Deluxe Baby Tile. We will include the babies’ names, birth weights, and date of birth. No extra wording can be added to baby tiles with multiple babies. Please contact us to discuss your request.


Can my friends and family contribute donations towards my Baby Tile?

Yes, you can create your own page on our website so your friends and family can make a donation towards your tile. Please contact us to discuss your needs and get the process started. We will send tax receipts to those who contribute donations towards your tile.


Will you make a Baby Tile for an older child or an adult?

Yes, we will proudly honor babies born at BC Women’s and Grace Hospital with a tile, no matter their age.