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Marissa Kingzett

Manager, Communications + Research

Marissa is a change-maker, a connecter, and a champion for women’s health. As a community catalyst, she is passionate about the power that communication can have in uniting communities and sparking change. She is dedicated to igniting awareness at a social level, and committed to the foundation’s mission of educating and empowering women to take charge of their healthcare. With a background in sociology, Marissa has a unique understanding of the nuances of community collaboration, which drives her role in creating meaningful partnerships with companies, government, and women province-wide. Marissa is inspired by the women who surround her, support her, and hold her up every day. Her mantra is to approach each day with a least half the strength of the women she reveres and holds dear. She hopes that her legacy will be one of dedication to the cause of healthy women everywhere, capable of anything.

Insight for Impact

“I believe that the most powerful tool in advancing women’s health is partnership. With communities. With organizations and companies. With the government. With women and each other.”

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