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Lynsey Hamilton

Manager, Research and Strategy

Lynsey is a passionate champion for knowledge and awareness, and believes everyone should be able to access, understand, and utilize research in their healthcare decisions. With her background in research and knowledge translation, she ensures the work BCWHF produces is solid and evidence-based. Lynsey’s goal is to create a future with a strong federal commitment to supporting women’s health research and improving women’s health programs through leading innovation. Lynsey sees firsthand how decades of research that failed to take women’s physiology into account has been detrimental to advances in women’s health, and is committed to charting a new course for our history. She is motivated daily by her passion to empower women to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for the best care. Inspired by her mother, who was a nurse in the UK for 44 years, Lynsey knows the difference that great care makes in patient’s lives.

Insight for Impact

“I think that everyone should be able to navigate the healthcare system with autonomy and respect; women interact with the healthcare system more frequently than men but are not treated equitably.”

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