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Genesa Greening

President + CEO

Genesa is the heartbeat of this movement. With conviction and courage, she is committed to leading the evolution of women’s healthcare across the province. Genesa is a wild-eyed optimist bolstered by an extensive background in the global non-profit space. With a tenacious spirit and bold conviction, Genesa is dedicated to eradicating inequity in healthcare for women in all life stages, determined to shed light on the misperception that universal healthcare means universal access. She is committed to underscoring inequity in research, by championing for greater investment in studies that are specific to women’s unique physiology. Inspired by the perseverance of her mother and the confidence of one of her mentors, Virginia Greene, Genesa will not rest until the Foundation’s—and her personal goal—is realized: healthy women everywhere, capable of anything.

Insight for Impact

“The reason I believe in advocating for greater investment in women’s health research is that – you don’t know what you don’t know. The reality is, when it comes to women’s health and women’s unique physiology, we don’t know nearly enough. I’m intrigued by the untapped potential and possibilities which are yet to be discovered, and which will help make women healthier. This is where I think there is limitless opportunity. That really inspires me.”