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Pauline Chan


Pauline is dedicated to empowering women, and motivating them to empower the world around them. Her role is integral to our mission as she analyzes the foundation’s workflow to streamline and improve work processes, helping the foundation to achieve its goals faster and better. Pauline fiercely believes in the power of education and awareness, specifically, she hopes to spread it amongst demographics that may not fully understand the state of women’s healthcare, nor their ability to access it. She wants to see the foundation working collaboratively with other organizations to build advocacy province-wide. A fierce advocate for female empowerment, Pauline is motivated by her mother who dedicatedly raised a loving family while successfully operating her own business. She is a testament to resilience—a word Pauline hopes will describe her own her legacy with BCWHF.

Insight for Impact

I believe that the most powerful tool in advancing women’s health is working collaboratively with other organizations to support advocacy for women’s health within their internal teams.”

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