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戚凯文 Kevin Chi


With a deep understanding of fundraising, Kevin’s experience makes him a pivotal champion for helping donors make an impact in women’s health. He is committed to helping donors realize their philanthropic needs and creating a bespoke support network that will allow our communities to help transform the way health is delivered and accessed by women and families, in BC and beyond. Kevin is driven to cultivate a reputation for philanthropic excellence; he envisions the Foundation as a top, trusted organization for achieving impact. Disseminating women’s healthcare knowledge, influencing policies that affect women and healthcare, and championing research at one of the leading research institutes in women’s healthcare are things he knows make this organization unique—with a world of unexplored potential.

Insight for Impact

“I am by virtue in a place of privilege, but I can use that power to start conversations, and champion those who have a story to tell, give a platform to those who need to speak their truth, and voice their struggles.”

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