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Chantal Fisher


Chantal is a champion for BCWHF’s mission to address the gender inequities and biases both in health care and health research. As Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Chantal is deeply committed to correcting social injustice and advocating for the organization’s mission, whether it’s advancing research for womens’ health, or equal access to medicines for all. Her range of experience in the non-profit, for-profit, and business worlds in a variety of skill sets, multicultural settings, as well as her social consciousness, bolsters her ability to drive the organization’s goals forward. With advocacy in her mind as the bedrock for success, she is confident that galvanizing and inspiring support will establish the basis and capacity for successful education and awareness-raising, leading to more funding for research and innovation in the BCWH and Health Centre. Chantal is motivated daily to create a future where the foundation is the undisputed premier Canadian organization for advancing women’s health. In a few words, she wants her BCWHF legacy to be her commitment, investment, action, and heart.

Insight for Impact

“I believe that the most powerful tool in advancing women’s health is the voice of women liberated from illness and poor health by accessible, high-quality, research-based health care geared to serve women’s specific health needs.”

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