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彭嘉琳 Carleen Pauliuk


Carleen is a visionary and an inspired change-maker. She is driven by a passion to inspire the development team (Philanthropy, Corporate Partnerships + Events, Chinese community fundraising, Community Partnerships, Annual Giving, Legacy Giving, Donor Relations, and Marketing) to help grow BCWHF into a leading provincial—and even global—charity. If anyone can make this vision a reality, it’s Carleen. With extensive experience in healthcare fundraising and a dedicated, donor-focused philosophy of building effective relationships and inspiring joyful giving, Carleen is passionate about impactful change. She hopes to deepen the community’s understanding of education’s transformative effect, and to inspire donations to bolster our mission. Knowing that healthcare has a ripple effect on communities and whole societies, Carleen is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care for women through research, equipment, capital, and education on when, where, and how they need it.

Insight for Impact

“We need to educate the public on what we do at BC Women’s (beyond delivering babies) and the changes that need to happen to transform the way healthcare is being delivered to women of all ages. Historically women have been seriously underrepresented in health research; prior to the 1990s, women were not included in most medical studies. That means women have only been a part of the most recent clinical trials.”

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