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The Emergency Fund provides financial support to women and families in their time of need.
Investment needed: $55,000 each year

From emergency accommodation, to transportation support, to cafeteria or grocery vouchers – financial aid can make a world of difference for out-of-town and lower-income families.

BC Women’s Hospital’s social workers currently administer $55,000 annually to women who need to spend a portion of their high-risk pregnancies at the hospital. The demand for this fund has increased by 277% over the last three years due to rising costs in Vancouver and increasing numbers of high-risk pregnancies.

  • $20 could cover a taxi to a medical appointment here in Vancouver, alleviating the cost and the stress of navigating an unfamiliar city.
  • $60 could cover the cost of a night at Easter Seals House for one family.
  • $100 could help subsidize weekly food costs, in the form of a gift card to our closest grocery story. For a woman from out of town, this is one less thing to worry about.

Your contribution will help level the playing field, and provide immense relief during what can be a very challenging time for families. 


Every baby born in the province.
$660,000 total, with $250,000 left to raise

Each year, one in 1,000 newborns in BC are diagnosed with one of 24 life-threatening but treatable conditions. Many of those conditions can only be detected through the mandatory Provincial Newborn Screening Program.

A heel prick blood sample of every child born in BC and the Yukon is tested through the BC Newborn Screening Program. And out of the ~45,000 babies tested annually, approximately 50 have a disorder that, if left undiagnosed, would have resulted in a severe disability or even death.

Early detection of these disorders, such as Congenital Hypothyroidism and Cystic Fibrosis, allows care providers to leap into action with life-saving interventions.

The Immunoassay Analyzer that is integral to this program is in desperate need of replacement. Your gift will purchase a new leading-edge Immunoassay Analyzer. This equipment will allow for the early detection and treatment of many life-threatening disorders, saving the lives of infants across BC for many years to come.


Equipping physicians with the tools to save the lives of premature infants.
Investment needed: $76,000 total, with $26,964 left to raise

When an infant’s life is most fragile, their needs can change in a heartbeat. During these crucial moments, the information a doctor has about a premature baby’s heartbeat, oxygen levels, and breathing rate can mean the difference between life and death.

An Acute Cardio Respiratory Monitor + Monitoring System helps neonatal specialists in BC Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) make the split-second decisions that save lives. This monitoring system is essential for ensuring that the most critically ill infants are continuously evaluated.

Currently, each NICU patient room has one of these monitors as a permanent fixture. An additional monitor is needed as soon as possible to expand the capacity of single-patient rooms to accommodate the needs of critically ill twin babies. This equipment will be used on a daily basis, and your gift will support the healthiest outcomes of the sickest babies in the NICU.


Strengthening parents bond with baby, with proven health benefits.
Investment needed: $66,000 annually, with $56,000 left to raise

In April 2019, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) began offering music therapy to patients and their families in the Ladybug Unit two afternoons per week. This pilot program is the first of its kind in BC for premature and critically ill babies.

The benefits of music therapy are many, and can support a variety of therapeutic goals and developmental milestones. The therapy also improves the parent-infant bond. Sessions may include gentle lullaby-style singing, guitar music, touch, and personalized lullaby writing. This includes family members whenever possible. The Music Therapist works closely with families to come up with the best plan to support their baby.

Your gift will establish Music Therapy as a regular part of NICU care for three full days per week, and support the purchase of musical instruments. You will give parents the chance to strengthen their bond with their babies and learn new support skills that have been proven to have direct health benefits.


Renovated facilities, to match the world-class model of care at BC Women’s Hospital.
Investment needed: $290,000

BC Women’s Hospital has been providing excellence in care for women and families since its inception in 1982 – but it is clear that the aging facilities are in need of improvement. A revitalization of all antepartum and post-partum suites by the end of 2020 is needed to continue to provide the most exceptional level of care for families.

This refresh targets 61 patient rooms across the units of Arbutus, Balsam, Dogwood, and Evergreen. These are the rooms where women recover and are supported in transitioning home with their newborns, or receive long term prenatal care for complicated pregnancies.

You can support the renovation and updates these rooms require to provide women with a much more welcoming and comfortable space. Your gift will ensure that women and their newborns experience the best possible facilities and care during their stay at BC Women’s Hospital.