Indigenous Women’s Health

Nothing about us, without us. The best health outcomes for Indigenous women happen through culturally-safe care.

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Creating community for Indigenous families cared for at BC Women’s Hospital.
Investment needed: $30,000 annually

BC Women’s Hospital recognizes that Indigenous views of health are holistic. At the Foundation, we recognize the need for culturally-based programming to support this holistic health for Indigenous patients.

The Indigenous Health team at BC Women’s Hospital is aiming to deliver weekly cultural programming for Indigenous patients, supporting the spiritual and emotional aspects of holistic healthcare. Your donation will fund the weekly costs of running cultural programming, including honorariums for facilitators, and cultural materials such as beads, leather, art supplies, or blankets needed for the activities.

The women and families most impacted will be those engaged in care for prolonged periods of time, such as patients from the Families in Recovery (FIR) Unit, the Oak Tree Clinic and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Your gift will provide over 500 Indigenous patients annually with the opportunity to connect with culture and a supportive community in a healing way.