Support Local Businesses to Invest in Women’s Health

From March 1st – March 8, leading up to International Women’s Day local businesses near you will be taking action to support women’s health.

Women are the backbone of our society and their health matters. This International Women’s Day we invite you to reflect on how there is still a significant distance to go in the pursuit of respect, equity and access in women’s health. In British Columbia, women account for 52% of our population. We need to invest in women now, to ensure we have healthy and strong communities tomorrow.

Not only do women’s health issues affect women’s physical bodies, they have further reaching consequences on their families, and communities. That’s why we’re partnering with the following local businesses in a variety of on-site and online activations that give back to BC Women’s Hospital Foundation.

Enhance your well-being from March 1-8.

So many healthy ways to make a difference: